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Indigenous Australians Essay Examples

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Australian Aborigines – Indigenous Australians

There are several hundred Indigenous peoples of Australia, many are groupings that existed before the British annexation of Australia in 1788. Before Europeans, the number was over 400. Indigenous or groups will generally talk of their “people” and their “country”. These countries are ethnographic areas, usually the size of an average European country, with around…

Radiance: Indigenous Australians and Mae

The idea of changing perspective is a big issue in the film ? Radiance’, directed by Rachel Perkins. This ? art house’ film is set in Australia and is centred on 3 Aboriginal family members: Chressy, Mae and Nona, who are strangers. It deals with their efforts to come to terms with each other and…



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The Influence of Ecotourism to Indigenous Australian

Throughout the main land and Torres Strait, there existnumerousindigenouspopulations among Australia. According tothe data from Australia Bureau of Statistics, Ross (1996) points out that the exact number of indigenous people is not sure because the definition of ‘indigenous Australian’ is not quite certain in the history. Meanwhile, it is largely accepted (Sofield 2002) that the…

Belonging: Indigenous Australians and Sense

You are to write a speechto present at a conference titled “Perceptions of Belonging. ” Your speech should discuss HOW Peter Skrzynecki and another composer explore the following statement: “To feel a sense of belonging, you need to accept yourself and be accepted by others. ” Refer to TWO Skrzynecki poems and ONE of the…

Belonging: Indigenous Australians and Sense

Belonging is the notion of acceptance among a group which have a shared identity or shared experiences. The key to belonging is the understanding of another’s interests, ideas, values and morals. Without understanding, belonging ceases to exist and alienation, rejection and not belonging is felt. Peter Skrzynecki’s poems from his Immigrant Chronicle reflect a sense…

Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians

Introduction During the 2010 Federal election, both major political parties campaigned on indigenous affairs. Following the ALP’s victory, Prime Minister Gillard established an independent Expert Panel to “to investigate how to give effect to constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. ” Two schools of thought have dominated the national conversation of how…

Indigenous Australian Philosophy

While a variety of factors have shaped the diversity of Indigenous Australian philosophy and prac? ces across the Australian con? nent, one of the central characteris? cs of the Aboriginal worldview is the concept of the ‘Dreaming’. Outlinesomeofthekeyaspectsofthisbeliefsystemandre#ectonthisin comparison to your own worldview. THE DREAMING LAID DOWN THE PATH FOR THE ABORIGINAL WAY OF LIFE,…

The Constitution, Federalism and Indigenous Australians:

Introduction This essay sites the historic and current relationship between the Constitution, Federalism and Indigenous Affairs as a case study of the transformation and evolving nature of Federalism in Australia. It will briefly outline the original intent of the Australian federal system and discuss its early impact on Indigenous Australians, then identify the changing nature…

Self Determination of Indigenous Australians

“Self determination is a principle of International Law and it must be the basis of social and political organisation” (Mazel, 2009, 150). This is an important principle in the acknowledging of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights. Self determination allows Indigenous peoples to independently determine their political status and gives them the freedom to…

Indigenous Australian Palliative Care

Introduction Culture encounter with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients in palliative care is one of the most challenging issues in nursing practise in Australia. They have strong core values of community, central place of land and family obligations. Compounding this is the fact that different groups have different languages, traditions and customs that result…

A Comparative Study Of Australian Indigenous And Non Indigenous Education

Australia has a prominent discontinuity between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous life expectancy, educational achievement and employment opportunities. (Coag. gov. au. 2014) There is a pressing need for an Australian Indigenous Education Reform. This need for reform is especially necessary in remote and northern, socially disadvantaged Australian communities where attendance rates are low, along with low academic…

The Effects of British Colonisation on Indigenous Australians

The Effects of British Colonisation on Indigenous Australians There are many effects of British colonisation on Indigenous Australians. One of the worst impacts was the loss of land. The land is the sole provider of food, medicine and other basic needs to Indigenous Australians. It is also the main part of their spiritual and cultural…

Changing Rights and Freedoms of Indigenous Australian

The treatment of indigenous Australians by the government has been an issue of contention since White Europeans settled in Australia. This chapter examines changing government policies including protection, assimilation, integration and self-determination. This chapter also gives an overview of Indigenous Australian protests for equality and land rights and responses to these issues from the government….

Speeches: Indigenous Australians and Past Injustices

Speeches that encompass compelling ideas will remain with an audience for a lifetime, continue to dwell in our minds and remain relevant to our present context. The issues of reconciliation between Aborigines and non-ind Australians as well as the issue of how to respond to the past injustices suffered by Aboriginals are two timeless issues…

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