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Sleep Essay Examples

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Conclusion in dreams

I.INTRODUCTION Many people are interested about the meaning of their dreams, dreams that occur in different time, different situation and ways. It was an intriguing topic for most people, specially psychologist.Many spend much time and effort studying the space of dream and also it connects to sleep and brain. There are lots of proven evidence,…

Sleeping habits

Sleeping is associated with a state of muscle relaxation and limited perception of environmental stimuli. Sleep is a naturally recurring state characterized by reduced or absent consciousness, relatively suspended sensory activity, and inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles. It is distinguished from wakefulness by a decreased ability to react to stimuli, and is more easily…

The Dead I Know

Aaron Rowe is main character in Scott Gardeners novel ‘The Dead I Know’. Aaron walks in his sleep and has dreams he can’t explain, this essay is about Aaron’s sleepwalking and how he coped with it. Some of the points covered in this essay are Why people sleepwalk?, symptoms, dangers and treatments of sleepwalking as…



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Night Owls vs. Morning Larks

“Who gets up early? Farmers, bakers, doctors. Who stays up late? Muggers, streetwalkers, cat burglars.” (63). Anne Fadiman describes a human’s perspective on being a morning person, or as she refers to it “a morning lark”, verses a night person or “a night owl”. So how would you classify yourself; a morning lark, a night…

Good Sleeping Habits

Every single human needs the necessity of sleep depending on each respective duration of preferable sleeping hours. As we all know, a duration of a near to 8 hours of sleep will be much sufficient for an average person for a night’s sleep. Sleep is essential for a person’s brain productivity and it increases their…

My Most Unforgetable Experience

Once I changed my attitude toward everything, I recognized my world, my future and myself. It happened when my friends and I had almost finished our last academic year and were invited by our lovely and friend like teachers to an amazing trip, to Issyk-Kul, the pearl of Kyrgyz land. About five of my best…

The ultimate nightmare

I lay down and waited for the soothing blanket of sleep shroud me. A few seconds later the anticipated blackness of slumber settled in… Suddenly, the deafening noise of the alarm clock woke me up with a startling jolt. It seemed as though I had fallen asleep mere seconds ago and as I groggily looked…

Sleep and Time

Reasons why I should not fall asleep on duty. If I was to get called to a traffic accident or a domestic dispute I would not be able to respond because I would be asleep. Therefore I would not be able to complete my duties as a military police officer. Being a military police officer…

Narrative essay: Moving on

It was the day of my graduation and the alarm clocks, spread across the dorm room, awoke me from my sleep. I rolled over to the other side of my twin sized bed to get a glance out the window. The suns radiance became too strong for my sleepy eyes. Ring! Ring! Ring! Anna’s alarm…

The Moment That I Will Never Forget

The moment that I will never forget The scorching sun was beating against my olive, gold skin as a drop of sweat trickled down my face, slowly and gradually. The glorious scenery dazzled, the cool, summer breeze blew through my lush brown locks. Deep blue ocean tide’s lapped against my feet like a soft tender…

College Life

Wow! The first week of college was a breeze. All my professors seemed so nice. Class never lasted longer than thirty minutes. I did not have to carry any books to class for that whole week. Finding classes was some what tough, even though my classes are around the same area. I did not have…

I Never Looked Back Again

Suddenly, my dreams are interrupted by someone shaking me. Half asleep, my 8-year-old self can barely make out the words Mama is saying in my direction and I groggily sit up whilst trying to make head or tail of the situation. She tells me to wear some warm clothes and soon after I do so,…

Sleep Disorders

Nightmares are bad dreams occurring during REM sleep. Children experience nightmares more than adults because they spend most of their sleep in REM sleep. Nightmares can be physical such as sleeping in an uncomfortable position, having a fever, or psychological causes such as stress, anxiety, and ingestion of drugs used in pain killers such as…

The Genetic Predisposition for Sleep Apnea

Sleep is the single most common form of human behavior and you will spend a third of your life doing it. Sleep is an active state, generated with the brain, not a mere absence of consciousness (Martin 463). The dictionary defines sleep as “The natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the…

Activity of Living: Sleep and Rest

Activities of living are to do with things, as humans, we do every day to survive. In Roper, Logan and Tierney there are twelve model activities that are essential to living and these are maintaining a safe environment, communicating, breathing, eating and drinking, eliminating, personal cleansing and dressing, controlling body temperature, mobilising, working and playing,…

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Each of us sometimes feels that sleeping is the best thing that Universe could ever make for us. Just think about it: all important processes of our body recover and renew exactly in sleeping, a bad mood can disappear, and you even can come up with the idea of any persuasive essay topics. Did we just score a hit? That’s was an aim. If you can’t choose one from a lot of good essay topics, try to sleep for some time, and you will be surprised next morning when you will wake up and understand what exactly you want.

So, for you we propose next great argumentative essay examples as topics.

    1. How many of hours sleep do you generally need per night? What time do you usually go to bed? What time do you usually wake up?
    2.Do you manage to sleep as much as you need? If not, why not?
    3.Have you ever suffered from insomnia?
    4.Do you suffer from insomnia? Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper?
    5.What keeps you awake at night? (f.e. worrying too much about stuff, too much coffee, your partner's snoring, your neighbors' parties, an uncomfortable bed, a hot summer)
    6.Do you use, or have you ever used, any special methods that help you get to sleep? (A strong nightcap? Sleeping pills? Herbal remedies? Counting sheep? Meditation?) Say your experience.
    7.Do you snore?Do you talk in your sleep?
    8.Do you ever oversleep? Do you need an alarm clock to wake up?
    9.Do you ever sleep in? (Sleep late in the morning) Say your story
    10.Do you fall asleep while watching the TV or reading? Or do you have a nap at lunchtime or at another time of the day? Does it help?
    11.What do you wear in bed? (I hope this question's not too personal!) And how do you think its influence on you?
    12.Do you have a duvet, or do you prefer sheets and a blanket? How big is your bed? Does it have an impact on dreams?
    13.Do you remember your dreams? Do you have a recurring dreams?
    14.Tell us about a memorable, enjoyable, or strange dream you've had?
    15.Do you suffer from nightmares? Can you remember any specific nightmare? Talk about it.
    16.Do you believe that it's possible to interpret dreams? Have you ever tried to interpret your own dreams?
    17.Have you ever walked in your sleep? Do you know anyone who does?

These and lots more topics are free for you to use and to create the best paper. Make sure you understood the topic clearly and start! Also, you can sleep a little before writing and later gather yourself, switch on your imagination, and start!


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