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how many lines make up a sonnet?

what are the four main parts of a sonnet?
couplet: 2 lines, quatrain: 4 lines, setest: 6 lines, octave: 8 lines

what is a rhyme scheme?
the pattern at the end of the line designated by a lettering system. ex: ABABCBC

a poet or speaker addressing an absent person, abstract idea or object which cannot reply

referance to a event or work

a comparison of unlike objects

human characteristics given to a non human item

when vices follies or shortenings are held up for ridicule

iambic pentameter
an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable

what type of rhyme schemes do sonnets have as well as content?
defined with structured content

list the 3 most common sonnet forms
Shakespearean (English)
Petrarch (originally Italian but modified by English man sir Philip Sydney)
Spenserian (a variation of the English form)

how many lines in a Shakespearean sonnet?

rhyme scheme of a Shakespearean sonnet?

what do 3 quatrains of the sonnet focus on?
the problem conflict or issue

what does the final couplet of a Shakespearean sonnet focus on?
resolving the problem

what type of sonnet form is sonnet 29?

what state is the speaker in the first 8 lines of sonnet 29? and what word choices support your answers.
he’s being looked down upon , he’s a loner and is very much alienated. examples of this is his quote saying woe is me. he is in a state of disgrace, loneliness, embarrassment, or failure

what poetic device is used in line 3?
personification (heaven) is deaf to his futile (bootless) cries

when the speaker curses his fate what does he wish for?
hope, good looks, friends, intelligence, creativity

what is the change that occurs in the 3rd quatrain?
tones switches from bleak to hopeful

what does the speaker reveal in the couplet?
if he has his lover he has everything he needs

what provides validation` to the depressed state of the speakers life?

how many lines make up a petrarchan sonnet?

what is the rhyme scheme pattern of a petrarchan sonnet?

what does the octave develop?
the problem or conflict or issue

what does the final setet resolve?
the issue from the octave

who was sir philip sydney?
a scholar, solider and poet who attended oxford and Cambridge. he also traveled extensively

what was the sonnet sequence was astrophel and stella inspired by?
by Penelope deverux ( stella) who sydney (astrophel) loved but stella broke off the engagement and married lord rich

what is the rhyme scheme of a Spencerian sonnet?

the 3 quatrains develop what?
a conflict or issue

what type of allegories makeup these sonnets?
good and evil

who were these sonnets dedicated to?
queen elizabeth

how does Shakespeare being sonnet 116?
by calling real love a marriage of free minds into which he will win

How does he define what love is not?
love does not change or leave

what is the allusion in the first 2 lines of the 3rd quatrain?
love is not subjected to the grim reaper

in sonnet 130 what is Shakespeare criticizing?
the cliches used by the sonnet writers

what cliche does he satirize?
her breath stinks

how does he describe his mistress?
as ugly

what is his ideal women?
she doesn’t exist

what type of sonnet is sonnet 31?

what 2 poetic devices in sonnet 31 set the initial tone?
personification, apostrophe

what is the tone in sonnet 31?

list a allusion in sonnet 31 and what it means
cupid and unrequited love

what does the man ask the moon?
he asks the moon is constant love deemed there but want of wit

how does the women come across to the speaker?
she is ungrateful for his love

what is the universal characteristic the speaker thinks all women share?

what type of sonnet is sonnet 39?

what is the poetic device used in this sonnet?

what does the speaker hope to find in sleep?

what four things are found in sleep?
wit, place for healing woe, money for the poor, and release for the prisioner

what is an example of personification in this sonnet?
despair a breakup could be like a civil war in your head

what does the speaker come across as?
extremely depressed

what type of sonnet is sonnet 35?

what does the personalized eyes make the speaker feel?
it leads to a intense feeling of longing

why does the speaker suffer?
because he cannot get enough of anything he is extremely greedy

what happens to other things in the speakers vision?
they become blurred n comparison to her his eyes cannot be satisfied

what type of sonnet is sonnet 79?

what problem does the speaker face? what is it’s symbolic meaning?
everytime he writes his lovers name the water erases it the symbolic meaning is that the speaker is trying to immortalize love

what prevents love from being immortalized?
time and nature will run it and time will run it’s course

what will he write in order to immortalize his love?

what is the conclusion of this sonnet?
that death will be the end for all the world except for love

what characteristics does the women posses? the man?
the women is more realistic whilst the man is extremely romantic

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